PVO pod stars Lucius Fox Jr and Todd Isaacs Jr along with host Tim McMaster. Paradise Vibes Only Podcast powered by Don’t Blink, produced by Projectable Production and all artwork curated by Ivar L. Media.

PVO Podcast – Episode 1

Episode 1 of the Paradise Vibes Only Podcast starring Lucius Fox Jr and Todd Isaacs Jr along with host Tim McMaster. Episode 1 features a brief background on both Lucius and Todd, highlighting their friendship, baseball stories and beach vibes.

Episode 2: Breaking Baseball’s Unwritten Rules, NBA Playoffs and Role Models

Episode 3: Life on the Minor League roller coaster and Players Weekend

Tim McMaster is joined by Rays prospect Lucius Fox and Rockies prospect Todd Isaacs to discuss Tim Anderson bat flips and baseball’s unwritten rules (1:00).  The guys also check in on the NBA Playoffs (10:50), take listener questions (19:05) and talk role models on Mother’s Day (24:30).  As always, Todd and Lucius end the pod by giving Tim some new music to check out and teach him a little Bahamian lingo (32:25).

Episode 4: Hurricane Dorian’s impact and the MLB Postseason

The PVO Pod welcomes its first guest as Blue Jays prospect Chavez Young joins the show (3:00).  Todd, Lucius and Chavez reflect on Hurricane Dorian’s impact on the Bahamas and what’s being done to rebuild (9:50).  The third annual Don’t Blink HR Derby will go on as planned on the islands this winter and the guys give an update on plans (22:01).  The MLB Postseason is in full swing and the PVO crew gives predictions (29:00) before finishing up the episode with a check in on pop culture (46:20).

Please consider donating to hurricane Dorian relief: https://bahamasredcross.org/donate.

Episode 6: HR Derby Champ Lewis Brinson joins the show

Lewis Brinson brings his Don’t Blink HR Derby trophy with him to the podcast.  Todd and Lu explain what LB has meant to them as a mentor since their high school days in Florida.  LB then takes the crew through his big league debut, the trade that sent him home and the pressures of living up to expectations.